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5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tricks: Here Is What Worked
9 October 2015 | (No Comments)

What do you do when you notice an ugly stain on the carpet? For most people its means bringing out a sponge and dishwashing detergent and scrubbing the heck out of it. Does it work? Well, sometimes it does and sometime it doesn’t. The chances associated with this trick are 50/50. But that is not the only carpet cleaning trick in the book.

People living in communities love nothing more than to hand out personal DIY hacks. You might’ve come across some of them too. Well, we tried 5 of the most common carpet cleaning hacks and here is what we discovered.

makeup1. Makeup

DIY Advice: Rub the carpet gently with a mild soap after you lightly dampen it. Take 3 drops of dry cleaning solvent and dab any remaining stains.

Result: A normal makeup remover was used to test out this theory as most people will have trouble finding a good dry cleaning solvent. Were the stains gone? Absolutely. Can it be verified that carpet fibers were not damaged afterwards? Not at all. So try this trick at your own risk.

2. Greasy Food

DIY Advice: To remove fatty or greasy food stains (like that of a pizza, for example), you first need to scrape the stain off with a sharp knife. Lay a layer of paper towels on the stain afterwards and iron it on the lowest heat setting. The remaining grease will stick to the paper towel. You can use a mixture of mild soap, vinegar and water to first run and then rinse the rest of the stain out.

Result: The stain was long gone and no visible damaged was noticed.

colored food3. Dark Colored Food

DIY Advice: Again, you need to scrape as much as you can with a sharp knife. Then you need to create a mixture of 1 part mild soap and 4 parts lukewarm water. Apply that with a sponge on the stain and rinse it off with water.

Result: No stain and absolutely no damage.

gum4. Gum

DIY Advice: Take ice cubes and wrap them around a thin towel. Place the towel directly above the gum and after about 10 minutes scrape the gum off.

Result: Did it work? Yes and no. The gum was gone completely. But remnants of stains still remained, meaning that the process doesn’t work 100%.

Coffee5. Coffee, Wine and Similar Drinks

DIY Advice: With a clean cloth or paper towel blot the stain immediately. Apply club soda and rinse it off. You can use an old brush with soapy water on the stain and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Result: It worked! Even with red wine. Be warned though, there was still a little hint of stain left behind. But you will have to look very closely to find it.

Now it’s your turn. Try them out for yourself and see what works. You can even try to experiment a little with different things. But you must remember to avoid products with harsh chemicals and embrace all-natural products like our ekoserve Natural Stain Remover. If you want the job done safely and professionally, then you can call us for the best Carpet Cleaning Arlington, Texas.

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