Dust Mites in Your Home
How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your Home
11 May 2017 | (No Comments)

Dust Mites in Your Home

How often do you put fresh linens on your bed? If you’re not changing your sheets often, say once a week, two weeks, max, you’re providing ideal breeding grounds for dust mites.

These tinycreepy-crawlyspidery arachnids love to get into your sheets to feed on dead human skin. The waste they leave behind is the stuff that aggravates asthma and allergies, not the bugs.

Even if you don’t have allergies, it’s still a good idea to control dust mites. They breed in pillows too. Did you know that after two years, a third of an unwashed pillow’s weight is actually dead skin, dust mites and droppings? Gross!

A gentle laundry detergent and a washer and dryer will do the trick to keep mites in check. Just make sure to wash bedding often, and don’t forget the pillows. In fact, have you ever washed them? Just make sure they’remachine-washable, and, after a while, get them replaced.

What about dust mites in your wall-to-wall carpeting? Yes, dust mites thrive in carpets, too, especially if you live in areas of Texas with high levels of humidity. Dust mites love moisture. One recommendation is to rip up carpeting, but that could be costly, especially if you have to replace the flooring.

A more efficient solution would be to clean carpets often, which is definitely a more cost-effective approach to take instead of a major remodel. But, watch out for products that contain harsh chemicals. Cleaning should not be dangerous to your health or to the health of your family, especially if you have young children and pets playing on your carpets.

There are healthier methods to consider. Environmentally safe, carpet cleaning services and products are non-toxic, eco-friendly. Kind to your wallet, too.

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