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Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning process is the first of its kind and one of the biggest breakthroughs in the carpet cleaning industry since its origination. We designed our cleaning method not to have any of the commonly know problems and short comings of other carpet cleaners. Common complaints that we hear are that the carpet is wet for days after the steam cleaner comes in, or all the stains return after the carpet dries, or the carpet is hard or crunchy after they clean it, or they use heavy chemicals and the carpet has a funny odor after cleaning. The two cleaning methods currently used, steam cleaning or chemical cleaning, will leave you with the majority of these problems. Steam cleaning which pushes high pressured water into the carpet is known for a long dry time and stains retuning. People familiar with this method know your carpet can take days to dry. Long dry time along with detergent based solutions are the reason stains return. Any time your carpet stays wet for longer than 3 hours stains will return. Also soaps and detergents are magnets for dirt when the carpet is drying. “Whick-back”, an industry term for stains returning, happens when high pressure water pushes the dirt down to the bottom of the carpet and even the pad. Many people also don’t realize mold and mildew start to generate any time the carpet is wet for a long period of time. Another common problem people have with chemical and steam cleaners is they do not clean the full carpet fiber removing dirt and debris. Chemical or bonnet cleaners will use a bonnet machine to basically buff the carpet which really does nothing to remove the dirt and debris in your carpet. Our cleaning method is the only one on the market that eliminates all of the short comings of traditional cleaners. First off, we have created a line of solutions that are not detergent based. All of our powerful solutions are environmentally friendly and completely GREEN. Unlike other solutions ours are non toxic, Ph-neutral and completely safe for kids and pets. Our four step cleaning process starts with the (Treatment) phase where we will treat the entire area that is going to be cleaned using our powerful zero residue, encapsulating and oxidizing solutions to start breaking down the dirt particles. One great thing is we use 95% less moisture than traditional steam cleaners which removes the possibility of stains returning. The second step in the process is the (Agitation) process where we work the dirt and debris out from the bottom of your carpet. Unlike chemical cleaners that just move it around we can actually remove it from the very bottom of the carpet. The next step is the (Extraction) process where we extract all the unwanted dirt, debris and dirty solution out of the carpet. For the final step in the process (Purify) we use our EPA registered machine to filter, trap and remove mold spores, mildew, allergens, dust mites, pet dander, hair and much. Our EPA registered machine reduces Dust Mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergens by 75%, Cat Allergens by 85%, Mold Spore by 85% and Pet Dander by 78%. Many people with allergies, asthma and children rave about how they feel like they can breathe better and the air is fresher when we are finished. Get a Free Quote online or call us today to see why our carpet cleaning method is the best in the market!


Customer Reviews

"I could not be any more satisfied with their services! I called and explained what I needed, and they provided exactly what I asked for. I highly recommend them, and will continue to use them in the future!" by Mike, Flower Mound, TX

"We have used your service in our office and would like to thank you for the tremendous work you do. Our carpets have never looked better. We look forward to working with you in the future." by Emily, Irving, TX

"I have used ekoserve for all my carpet cleaning needs. It is very easy to schedule an appointment, their prices are great but most importantly their results are better than any other company I have ever used. Thank you for all you great work." by Sara, Plano, TX

"Amazing, I had my carpets and upholstery cleaned today and ekoserve beat my expectations. Carpet dried in an hour, stains came out and the technician worked hard and was not a sales man. Great work ekoserve I look forward to using more of your GREEN services." by Mark, Plano, TX

"I am so happy with the service your company performed on my carpets your process works better than any other on the market and you're GREEN! I will definitely refer you to all my friends." by Deborah, Rockwall, TX

"Everything they said. This is the first carpet cleaning company that actually does what they say. Great service, safe for the kids, cleans up all my stains and no pushy salesman, I will use you service again. Keep up the good work ekoserve" by Brian, Dallas, TX