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Do you live in Addison, Texas and need a great company for carpet cleaning? ekoserve is a locally owned and operated cleaning services and products company that provides green carpet cleaning in Addison, TX. ekoserve offers services like oriental rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, sealing cleaning, carpet stretching and repair, and carpet cleaning. ekoserve is different from traditional companies. We created our own line of the most effective nontoxic, eco friendly cleaning solutions.

Pet Odor Experts

We have created a special line of cleaning solutions for your favorite pet. Our odor neutralizing system attacks the bacteria and odor causing agents to neutralize and eliminate the cause of the smell. Our pet odor removal process is the best in the industry.

Same Day Service

Call now for same day service! We will try our best to get your cleaning appointment done today. Call now and let us know you need same day service in Addison TX.

No Pricing Games + Guaranteed Pricing

The price we quote you is the price you pay. Don’t be fooled by our competitor’s bait and switch pricing games and inferior cleaning methods. Click or Call to get a fair, honest deal on Carpet Cleaning in Addison TX.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our carpet cleaning services in Addison, TX are backed by a satisfaction guarantee we stand by all of our work.

Honest & Locally Owned

It has been a pleasure serving Addison, TX for years. We are a locally owned and operated small business serving you.

60 Minute Dry Time – Carpet Cleaning in Addison, TX

Our system uses 95% less water than traditional steam cleaners and our average dry time is about an hour.

Cleaning Services in Addison, Texas

Powerful 4 Step Cleaning Process

The 4 step cleaning process we use will make your carpet look new again removing stains and bringing the fibers back to life.


In this process our powerful solutions bind and break down dirt particles at a molecular level in a process called encapsulation.


In the extraction phase of the process, we remove all the unwanted debris, dirt, hair, and excess cleaning solutions. This extraction process is critical in our 1 HOUR DRY TIME and this short dry time prevents stains from returning.


The powerful carpet cleaning machines we use have a unique brush agitation system that will remove dirt and debris at the very bottom of the carpet. This bottom up agitation allows us to work out the toughest stains and thoroughly clean the carpet fibers.


Our EPA rated cleaning machines use a powerful HEPA filtration system that purifies the carpet fibers reducing Dust Mite Allergens by 75%, Pet Dander by 78%, Cat Allergens by 85%, Dust Mites by 78%, and Mold Spores by 85%. Many of our customers say they feel like they can breathe easier after we clean their carpets.

Do You Have Questions About Carpet Cleaning?

How often should you clean your carpet? In case your carpet is looking dingy, it is time for you to hire a professional carpet cleaner. It is highly recommended that you have a routine carpet cleaning just to make sure that your kids and pets are safe from germs. The services that we provide are unique and effective. We have created and designed a principle to address the shortcomings and problems of other providers offering similar services.

Some of the complaints that we often hear from customers who acquire the services of other companies are that their carpet remains wet for a few days after cleaning. Customers often claim that the chemical cleaning solutions used by the other companies are too strong and that the scent of the chemical emanates all over the house. With our service, we are highly dedicated to ensuring our customer’s satisfaction.

Why is Our Green Cleaning Solution the Best?

Our green cleaning solution is the best because of their non-toxicity. Every other product in the making is nothing but another additive to the pollution that is harming our environment. Non-toxic solutions are highly encouraged.

Green + Non Toxic Process & Solutions

We promise to provide educated technicians, new modern machinery, and the most effective GREEN products and solutions. Most importantly, our products are non-toxic, making it safe for your children and pets. ekoserve is your neighborhood trusted service provider for carpet cleaning in Addison, TX and all the surrounding areas.

How Detailed is Our Treatment Process?

This process is the most tried, tested and validated and ensures that the carpet after drying up does not harden the way normal carpets do after being washed. Many other methods claim to clean your carpet through the same process but fail to meet the criteria of green products. This by far has been the most effective one of all in Addison, Texas. The drying of the carpet after being cleansed takes almost 60 minutes after which you are left with a carpet as good as new.

Since the quantity of water is quite less in the process of cleaning up, hence the drying time is also less whereas in other methods it may take up to several hours for drying process. This method is way more reliable and effective than normal washing, dry cleaning and even steam cleaning. Carpet cleaning through traditional methods is now too boring. You know what to do and who to contact if you reside in Addison, TX and wish to avail this service. This service not just ensures a neat and clean carpet but promises the well-being of your child and pet.

Deeper Cleaning than Steam or Chemical Methods

Our specially formulated solutions start the process by breaking down dirt particles and tough stains. Our superior equipment also provides extracting of mold spores, mildew, allergens, dust mites, and much more. It is our goal to improve the quality of the air in your home. It also eliminates pet dander and hair, and fights off the bacteria that causes pet odor. Quality carpet cleaning in Addison, Texas.

Zero Residue – Carpet Dries Soft Not Hard

When other carpet companies leave, your carpet might not feel soft after cleaning. This is because there is excess soap residue. Excess residue creates a magnet for new and old dirt. We only use chemical free, biodegradable cleaning solutions that will leave your carpet feeling soft and pleasant to walk on.

We use modern equipment for carpet cleaning that gives you a 1 hour dry time, reduces dust mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergens by 75%, Cat Allergens by 85%, Mold Spore by 85% and Pet Dander by 78%. There are also no hoses or loud trucks. We are dedicated to earning customers for life thru great results and quality service. We don’t play pricing games like other companies. Click the button below for a free honest online quote or call us today. See information about real jobs and reviews below for carpet cleaning in Addison, Texas.

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Cleaning Services in Addison, Texas
Customer Reviews

Works miracles!

August 14, 2015 by Josh

Area: Addison, TX

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. I asked for the impossible and received instant results. Moved into a rental home with shag carpet that had unbelievable pet damage. Landlord refused to replaced so I called Nick. Can not begin to describe the service. Was there when they said they would be, did the job better than I could have ever expected. Will NEVER use anyone else in the future. Recommended to all my family and friends already. Great job Guys!!!!

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Can Carpets Be Over-Cleansed?

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Job Details:

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Irrespective of the carpet cleaning method you use, the more-is-better approach still prevails in the cleaning industry. This can be harmful to the longevity as well as the appearance of your carpet. Excessive use of cleaning agents or chemicals can worsen re-soiling, while over saturation causes the carpet to develop nasty odors and sometimes mold issues.

You have to not only follow the equipment manufacturer’s instructions pertaining to chemical usage, but experts also recommend rinsing chemicals from your carpet in a thorough manner after hot water extraction. You should also use low moisture alternatives, especially during the application of cleaning agents to your carpet through the machine’s tank. This is equally applicable for interim cleaning procedures or methods like encapsulation.

Just as there is a requirement to thoroughly remove chemicals from the carpet, it is equally important to recover all the water from your carpet to prevent the risk of over-wetting. Over-wetting usually happens when dealing with tough and stubborn stains that refuse to go away. It is highly recommended to get the carpet dry within 4 to 6 hours.

The use of carpet blowers and air movement can assist in speeding up the drying process but the cleaner has to ensure the cleaning equipment is functioning well. For example, a clogged vacuum may fail to recover water properly which will prolong the drying times. You should also flush the jets on an ongoing basis to prevent them from clogging.

Learning from our mistakes is a healthy process, but in terms of carpet care, there is little or no room for errors. Using lousy processes or products can lead to permanent damage, which has a detrimental impact on the carpet’s lifespan and appearance. And probably the biggest mistake, according to experts, is the utter failure to implement a maintenance program for your carpet in the first place.

When you consider carpet cleaning, the process doesn’t begin with the cleaning part itself. It usually begins with the installation and specification of the carpet. It is important to realize that various fibers and construction methods can have an impact on how you clean and maintain your carpet.

Treating a spot with an inappropriate cleaning agent can magnify an inch-sized spot into a half-foot diameter stain. If you are familiar with the type of stain, you will know whether it is better to use an alkaline-based chemical or an acid-based chemical. Whenever you are in doubt, test any cleaning agents prior to their application on the soiled area.

Contact ekoserve and we will take care of your carpet cleaning needs. We use oxygen to provide natural carpet cleaning solutions. Our cleaning products will leave no sticky remains or residue and are safe for your children and pets. We use pile-lifting technology, which scrubs and removes the most persistent stains. Our EPA authorized machines are effective at reducing dust mites, cat allergens and pet dander. So, call us today and benefit from our best cleaning method.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Addison, Texas

Tile & Grout Cleaning Addison, Texas

Job Details:

We did a resident tile & grout cleaning in Addison, Texas today. The client had lived in their home for almost 10 years. We were able to erase the years of build up and make the kitchen look brand new! Another satisfied customer!

Pet Stains and Pet Odor Removal

Pet Stains and Pet Odor Removal

Job Details:

Moving out of your apartment? Don’t let the landlord take your deposit. Here was a job I did in the 75001 zip code for a tenant who had pet stains. The carpet was in good shape except for the spot where the dog had an accident. We specialize in pet stain and pet odor removal. If you want your deposit call us today for carpet cleaning in Addison, Texas.