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If you are looking for a local professional company that does carpet cleaning in McKinney, Texas, you have found the right place. ekoserve offers green cleaning services such as upholstery cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, carpet repair & stretching, and carpet cleaning.


Pet Odor Specialist – Odor Removal Experts

We love our pets and know that accidents happen. We have designed a natural odor neutralizing solution that attacks bacteria at the source of the smell. We are the pet odor specialist for carpet cleaning in McKinney, Texas.

Same Day Service

Call now for same day service! We will try our best to get your cleaning appointment done today. Call now and let us know you need same day service in McKinney, TX.

No Pricing Games – Honest Pricing!

We offer honest guaranteed pricing without games or “Bait & Switch” tactics like our competition. Call us today for carpet cleaning in McKinney, TX.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. We stand by our work every time. We are the trusted carpet cleaner in McKinney, TX.

Locally Owned & Operated

It has been a pleasure serving McKinney, TX for years. We are a locally owned and operated small business. Schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning in McKinney, TX today and see what we can do for you.

1 Hour Dry – Quick Dry Time

We know that everyone is busy these days. Having less dry time means you can move on with your day with little interruptions. At ekoserve, we use 95% less moisture than the other guys. We are the quick dry time carpet cleaner in McKinney, Texas.


Cleaning Services in McKinney, Texas


Four Effective Cleaning Steps

Our safe, yet powerful, natural process provides unmatched carpet cleaning results in McKinney, TX:


In this first step, we get deep inside your carpet fibers to break down the dirt particles. Most importantly, our solutions are green and leave zero residues.


The most common thing we hear from our customers is that they want the stains to stay away permanently. Here at ekoserve, we have a superior pressure extractor that will gently and powerfully remove dirt and excess cleaning solution in carpets.


We clean from the bottom up to remove unwanted dirt and debris. You will not see this method with “the other guys”. Brush agitation will allow us to remove the most stubborn and toughest stains that sit at the base of your carpet.


Our system filters and purifies carpet fibers that can be harmful to you and your family. It is important to us to have machines that are EPA registered machines. We are able to reduce cat allergens up to 85%, pet dander by 78%, dust mites by 78%, dust mite allergens by 75%, and mold spores by 85%. Many of our customers have noticed that they are able to breathe easier.


Why Choose ekoserve Carpet Cleaning in McKinney?

Carpet cleaning is more popular now than ever before. Here at ekoserve, we go above and beyond what most people would expect from their usual carpet cleaning company. Considered as the safest carpet cleaning in McKinney, Texas, our amazing 4 phase cleaning process will not only leave your carpet looking spotless and better than new, it will also leave it safe, hygienic, and looking great for months, even years to come.


Regular carpet cleaning can cause a wide range of issues, which, if truth be told, can leave your carpets in an even worse state than they were in, to begin with. Our carpet cleaning, however, gets around these issues with no problems at all. Here’s a look at a few common carpet cleaning problems, and how we are able to avoid them.

Carpet staying wet for a long time

Commonly, one of the biggest downfalls associated with having your carpet cleaned professionally, is that after having it cleaned, it can take days for your carpet to fully dry. This is far from ideal because nobody wants to walk on a damp carpet, and truthfully, when the carpet is wet, it is more likely to stain much easier and become dirtier anyways, because the damp fibers will trap dirt and dust. Our 4 step cleaning process begins with a treatment phase in which we use safe, PH neutral, non-toxic solutions to clean your carpet, which requires 95% less moisture than regular cleaning methods. This means we use less moisture, so your carpets dry almost instantly when we have finished cleaning them.


Dirt sinking to the bottom of the carpet

Most conventional steam cleaning methods don’t actually remove dirt at all, instead, they simply force the dirt to the bottom of the carpet, which, over time, returns to the surface and leaves the carpet looking dirty and unclean once again. The second step in our cleaning process, however, is known as the agitation process, in which we use specialist equipment to work dirt and debris out from the very bottom of the carpet, so it can be removed for good, rather than simply pushed down to the base of the fibers. The third step in our cleaning process is known as the extraction process, which is where the dirt and the dirty cleaning solution are fully extracted from the carpet, leaving it looking brand new.

What to Do About Mold and Mildew?

This is a much more serious problem than people realized, and it is very common with other cleaning companies. When your carpet remains damp for a long time, not only does it stink, but it can also be a breeding ground for mold and mildew spores, which could severely damage the health of occupants in the house. Our final cleaning step is known as the purification process, in which we use our EPA registered machine to trap, filter, and remove mold, mildew spores and residue for good. Not only that, we can also remove pet hair, dust mites, and other allergens, leaving your carpet clean and hygienic


Green & Non Toxic Process & Solutions

We promise to provide educated technicians, modern machinery, and the most effective GREEN products and solutions. Most importantly, our products are non-toxic, making it safe for your pets and children. ekoserve is your neighborhood trusted service provider for carpet cleaning in McKinney, TX and all the surrounding areas.


Deeper Cleaning than Steam or Chemical Methods

Our specially formulated solutions start the process by breaking down dirt particles and tough stains. Our superior equipment also provides extracting of mold spores, mildew, allergens, dust mites, and much more. It is our goal to improve the quality of the air in your home. It also eliminates pet dander and hair, and fights off bacteria that causes pet odor.

Carpet dries soft not hard – Zero Residue

When other carpet companies leave, your carpet might not feel soft after cleaning. This is because there is excess soap residue. Excess residue creates a magnet for new and old dirt. We only use chemical free, biodegradable cleaning solutions that will leave your carpet feeling soft and pleasant to walk on.


Residents choose ekoserve of McKinney because it’s a locally owned and operated business with great customer service and unmatched cleaning results. “ekoserve” uses our own eco-friendly cleaning solutions that we have developed. It is guaranteed to give you better results than traditional carpet cleaning in McKinney, without any harmful toxins. The ekoserve carpet cleaning process has a one-hour dry time, uses 95% less water than traditional steam cleaners, and removes allergens, mold spores, and pet dander. Want to see ekoserve reviews from customers that had carpet cleaning in McKinney, TX? Just look below! Get a free online quote or call today.


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Cleaning Services in McKinney, Texas
Customer Reviews

Great Job

April 5, 2016 by Mitch

Area: Melissa, Texas

ekoserve is awesome. Fast service and really clean carpets. Don't go anywhere else you'll be wasting your time. Even repaired my carpet where it was coming loose. Highly recommend!!!!! A+++++++++++++++!!

Removed pet stains instantly

May 25, 2015 by Anna D

Area: McKinney, Texas

I had pet stains on carpet that I could not remove with other products. I placed ekoserve spot remover on the spots, scrubbed a little and they were gone! Smells fresh and clean.... It was in my daughters room.

Who Knew ?

June 4, 2014 by Bettye L

Area: McKinney, TX

My home is only a year old. I live here with my cat, who might have missed her mark a time or two. I hire a maid to come in routinely. My carpeting didn't look bad, but I had heard about EKOSERVE, so I decided to give it a try. I AM AMAZED ! My carpeting looks beautiful When the maid came in, she said "The carpet...!!" Johnny got right to work, explained all about the products, cleaning and drying all of the carpeted rooms. IT STILL feels and smells clean weeks later, and I know that my beloved kitty, Jade, is safe from any toxic solutions. Thanks, Johnny. I will ask for you personally every time !

No Job Too BIG or Small

Can Carpets Be Over-Cleansed?

Contact ekoserve

Job Details:

Contact ekoserve

Irrespective of the carpet cleaning method you use, the more-is-better approach still prevails in the cleaning industry. This can be harmful to the longevity as well as the appearance of your carpet. Excessive use of cleaning agents or chemicals can worsen re-soiling, while over saturation causes the carpet to develop nasty odors and sometimes mold issues.

You have to not only follow the equipment manufacturer’s instructions pertaining to chemical usage, but experts also recommend rinsing chemicals from your carpet in a thorough manner after hot water extraction. You should also use low moisture alternatives, especially during the application of cleaning agents to your carpet through the machine’s tank. This is equally applicable for interim cleaning procedures or methods like encapsulation.

Just as there is a requirement to thoroughly remove chemicals from the carpet, it is equally important to recover all the water from your carpet to prevent the risk of over-wetting. Over-wetting usually happens when dealing with tough and stubborn stains that refuse to go away. It is highly recommended to get the carpet dry within 4 to 6 hours.

The use of carpet blowers and air movement can assist in speeding up the drying process but the cleaner has to ensure the cleaning equipment is functioning well. For example, a clogged vacuum may fail to recover water properly which will prolong the drying times. You should also flush the jets on an ongoing basis to prevent them from clogging.

Learning from our mistakes is a healthy process, but in terms of carpet care, there is little or no room for errors. Using lousy processes or products can lead to permanent damage, which has a detrimental impact on the carpet’s lifespan and appearance. And probably the biggest mistake, according to experts, is the utter failure to implement a maintenance program for your carpet in the first place.

When you consider carpet cleaning, the process doesn’t begin with the cleaning part itself. It usually begins with the installation and specification of the carpet. It is important to realize that various fibers and construction methods can have an impact on how you clean and maintain your carpet.

Treating a spot with an inappropriate cleaning agent can magnify an inch-sized spot into a half-foot diameter stain. If you are familiar with the type of stain, you will know whether it is better to use an alkaline-based chemical or an acid-based chemical. Whenever you are in doubt, test any cleaning agents prior to their application on the soiled area.

Contact ekoserve and we will take care of your carpet cleaning needs. We use oxygen to provide natural carpet cleaning solutions. Our cleaning products will leave no sticky remains or residue and are safe for your children and pets. We use pile-lifting technology, which scrubs and removes the most persistent stains. Our EPA authorized machines are effective at reducing dust mites, cat allergens and pet dander. So, call us today and benefit from our best cleaning method.

Clean Housekeeping Day in and Day Out

Clean Housekeeping Day in and Day Out

Job Details:

Clean Housekeeping Day in and Day Out

Once you have made the commitment to clean green and organic, it is just as important to establish a “clean as you go” schedule and maintain the healthy, eco-friendly environment you have created between professional cleaning appointments.

Keep in mind not all your family members, or coworkers may share the same definition of what constitutes clean.   However, everyone can appreciate an organized, uncluttered environment that makes living much more peaceful—and healthy!

Here are some things to consider for maintaining a clean home or office:

  • Clean as you go. If you take something out, put it back.  Make it a point to complete a task by returning used items to their proper place.
  • Be sure the environment is clean before you leave it. Before heading out, be sure any clutter is picked up and that your home, or office, is returned to the way you found it. (Think how good it feels not having to clean up after someone when you enter a room!)
  • Don’t put off cleaning tasks. Instead of letting clutter, dirt, and dust get out of control, address messes when you see them.
  • Get everyone involved. Kids and coworkers can be partners in helping to keep the environment clean.
  • Have a place for everything. Preventing clutter from accumulating helps you find something when you need it and saves valuable time.
  • Avoid wearing shoes in the home (of course, not always an option in some office environments).Shoes track mud, dirt, and lawn care chemicals from the outdoors in. Though clients and customers may not be asked to remove their shoes when entering a business, areas can be easier to keep clean by utilizing throw rugs in heavy traffic areas.
  • Keep cleaning supplies handy. Keep organic cleaning products, i.e., bathroom cleansers, counter cleaners, within easy reach for timely use.

Simple day-to-day maintenance extends the monthly eco-friendly services provided by a professional cleaning service. We owe it to ourselves, our families, our coworkers, and our environment to keep up the good work.

Importance of Organic Carpet Cleaners

Organic Carpet Cleaners

Job Details:

Organic Carpet Cleaners

The cleaning products we use have a heavy impact on our environment.  Whether poured, spread, sprayed, rinsed, or washed, the potentially harmful effects produced are the same.  We are releasing toxins into the air to spread throughout the universe.  If you take the time to read product labels, you may be surprised at the various types of chemical ingredients they contain that are harmful to us all.

Carpet cleaners are no exception.  Most brands of carpet cleaners sold in stores are made of chemical solvents. With ingredients that include pesticides, disinfectants, formaldehyde, acids, and perfume-like fragrances, these substances emit powerful odors that promote allergies and other respiratory conditions, as well as hormonal imbalances affecting reproductive health, as reported in a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Oftentimes, those facing the greatest risk are infants, toddlers, and pets, as they spend the most time breathing closest to the floor. However, traditional carpet cleaners often leave a concentrated vapor hanging in the air, creating indoor air pollution and aggravating chronic symptoms like sneezing, headaches, nausea, congestion, and fatigue.

The best organic carpet cleaners are biodegradable, non-toxic, and do not pollute the carpet or indoor air, nor do they give off the noxious fumes associated with non-organic carpet cleaners.  And since most organic cleaners are dry, the environment where mold spores develop and flourish will be minimized. (Note:  Also check to see if the cleaning product’s packaging is made from 100% recycled material!)

If you want your carpets professionally cleaned and maintained, look for a professional who specializes in natural cleaning in your area.  Thinking organic when seeking a professional carpet cleaner is vital not only for the durability of your carpet but the protection of your family’s health and the survival of our planet!

How and Why You Should Vacuum Carpets Often

Vacuum Carpets

Job Details:

Vacuum Carpets

How often do you vacuum the carpeting in your home? You should vacuum at least once a week, more often for high-traffic areas.

But did you know that there’s a technique to how you vacuum in order to maximize thorough cleaning? Experts say that the best way to vacuum is to take it slow. “One of the most common errors people make when vacuuming is that they do it too fast,” says Debra Johnson, training manager for Merry Maids, a home cleaning service. “Vacuuming slowly allows a vacuum cleaner to do its best work by vibrating carpet fibers and containing dust in the vacuum.” So going too fast is a waste of your energy. Go slow and you’ll suck up the most dirt.

You also want to pay attention to the settings. To make sure you have your vacuum set properly for your carpet, set it to its highest setting, turn it on, and then lower the setting until you feel the suction of the vacuum pulling it forward. That’s how you’ll know it’s working efficiently. And, of course, empty out the dirt after each vacuuming session. Emptying bags, the dust receptacle, or cleaning the filter, depending on type of vacuum you have, will keep the machine running at its best each and every time.

Vacuuming regularly is easy yet essential to ensuring a healthy living environment. Considering all the dirt you track into your home from outside, it makes perfect sense, all the more so if you have pets sharing your living space. Maybe, even vacuum more often to minimize pet dander. Then there are those pesky dust mites that thrive in carpets. Suck those critters up, especially if you have indoor allergies.

A routine eco-friendly carpet cleaning works wonders, too.

A Natural Remedy for Getting Rid of Cat Urine Odor in the House

Natural Odor Neutralizer

Job Details:

Natural Odor Neutralizer

There’s no place like “home sweet home,” except if your home doesn’t smell so sweet because the family cat refuses to use its litter box.

Cat urine is a very bad smell that is extremely hard to get rid of. If you want to prevent your cat from peeing in places where it shouldn’t, like the family-room rug, you absolutely must take steps to make that awful odor go away. Because, once your cat makes its mark, it is very hard to stop it from doing it again, and again, and again. And then, you have more than a soiled spot to clean up. You have a damaged rug, padding and maybe even a smelly sub-floor, which is not a problem you want to have if you ever decide to sell your house.

The longer you wait to clean up cat urine, the harder it becomes to neutralize the stink.

So what should you do to clean up after kitty?

First, blot up the moisture with paper towels. If you’re wary of chemical-based products that could be harmful to your cat, you could try a few homemade remedies, but don’t use an ammonia solution. You’ll only add more of a similar smell to the spot. Vinegar and water, or a baking soda paste could help for a while, but you’ll likely detect lingering whiffs, especially on hot, humid days. Damp air seems to bring out the worst smells. And, of course, one sniff will attract kitty to that spot again.

What you should do is neutralize the soiled area. An enzyme-treatment solution, such as ekoserve’s Natural Odor Neutralizer will target and break down bacteria in the urine. That’s how to safely knock out cat smells for good.

Taking Off Your Shoes in Your Home is Good for Your Carpets and Your Health

chemical-free carpet cleaning

Job Details:

chemical-free carpet cleaning

Do you take off your shoes before walking through your house after being outside? If you don’t, maybe you should.

Think about where you walk in a day. Your footwear could be picking up all sorts of microscopic bugs. And that means that if you don’t take off your shoes, you could be tracking in dangerous bacteria that could be bad for your health.

According to Dr. Kevin W. Garey, chairman of the department of pharmacy practice and translational research at the University of Houston, “It’s amazing how far humans travel during the day, and all that walking drags in germs and bugs.”

Dr. Garey has been researching a bacterium called Clostridium difficile, (C.diff) which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “is responsible for nearly a half-million infections in the U.S.”

He did a study testing for C. diff on shoe soles around the Houston area and found that of the 2,500 samples he collected, 26.4% tested positive, “about three times the number found on the surfaces of bathrooms and kitchens.”

Dr. Garey also did a study to see if shoe soles could bring into the home other forms of infectious bacteria and the answer was, yes.

Imagine what that could mean for your carpets.

“Essentially, when you wear your shoes in a house, you are bringing in everything you stepped in during the day,” says Jonathan Sexton, a laboratory manager at the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona.

Why not make it a rule to take off your shoes after being outside? A periodic, chemical-free carpet cleaning to minimize bacteria would be good, too.

Both are easy “steps” to take to minimize health risks.


How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your Home

Dust Mites in Your Home

Job Details:

Dust Mites in Your Home

How often do you put fresh linens on your bed? If you’re not changing your sheets often, say once a week, two weeks, max, you’re providing ideal breeding grounds for dust mites.

These tinycreepy-crawlyspidery arachnids love to get into your sheets to feed on dead human skin. The waste they leave behind is the stuff that aggravates asthma and allergies, not the bugs.

Even if you don’t have allergies, it’s still a good idea to control dust mites. They breed in pillows too. Did you know that after two years, a third of an unwashed pillow’s weight is actually dead skin, dust mites and droppings? Gross!

A gentle laundry detergent and a washer and dryer will do the trick to keep mites in check. Just make sure to wash bedding often, and don’t forget the pillows. In fact, have you ever washed them? Just make sure they’remachine-washable, and, after a while, get them replaced.

What about dust mites in your wall-to-wall carpeting? Yes, dust mites thrive in carpets, too, especially if you live in areas of Texas with high levels of humidity. Dust mites love moisture. One recommendation is to rip up carpeting, but that could be costly, especially if you have to replace the flooring.

A more efficient solution would be to clean carpets often, which is definitely a more cost-effective approach to take instead of a major remodel. But, watch out for products that contain harsh chemicals. Cleaning should not be dangerous to your health or to the health of your family, especially if you have young children and pets playing on your carpets.

There are healthier methods to consider. Environmentally safe, carpet cleaning services and products are non-toxic, eco-friendly. Kind to your wallet, too.

Carpet Cleaning with Low Water Usage


Job Details:

Your carpets are an investment and should be cared for on a regular basis. With daily wear and tear, carpets can become dirty quickly. Vacuuming alone might keep the surface of your carpets looking nice, but down in the fibers the dirt builds up.  At ekoserve, we take pride in the fact that we use eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods to keep carpets looking like new.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning Uses Too Much Water

Most carpet cleaning methods involve harsh cleansers and lots of water. Unfortunately, these methods can leave carpets wet. This can breed mold. The harsh chemicals can be troubling for families who have pets or young children who spend time playing on the carpets. The smell from the harsh chemicals can be irritating for some people, too.

New Methods Care for the Environment

Instead of using harmful chemicals and excessive amounts of water, ekoserve uses an environmentally friendly, green cleanser that is non-toxic and pH-neutral making it safe for children and pets. Along with the green cleanser, our methods use 95% less moisture than traditional carpet cleaners that rely on steam heat. Our green cleanser is gently agitated through the carpet to remove the ground in and unwanted dirt. Then, the dirt is extracted before the carpet is purified to remove allergens, molds, and other microscopic debris.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning on a regular basis. It is usually two or three times per year. If you have children or pets, it is more recommended to clean your carpets at least three times per year. With all of the dust, mold, and debris that can end up in carpets, indoor air quality can be incredibly unhealthy. Cleaning the carpets can help improve air quality, which improves quality of life.

Why High-Moisture Cleaning is Harmful

Unfortunately, most carpet cleaners that use high-moisture steam cleaning leave more dangers behind than they take with them. With all of the water they use, more mold can actually build up. High-moisture carpet cleaners do not draw all of the moisture back up, so it actually creates a mold build up deep in the fibers and in the padding. High-moisture steam cleaners can eventually damage floorboards, especially if used often. This excessive amount of water also leads to more allergens building up. The only solution is to go with the low-moisture techniques that we use at ekoserve.

Choose Low-Moisture Carpet Care

Our low-moisture carpet cleaning only uses between one to two gallons of water. Compare this to the 20 to 30 gallons used by a traditional steam cleaner. That water not only doesn’t end up in your carpet and padding, but it doesn’t end up in the sewers and in the streets. It is easy to imagine how this dirty water ends up in the streets and in the groundwater. Our new low-moisture method of cleaning carpets is not just good for your home, but also good for the environment around you. Using less water is a good thing.

If you have any questions about our cleaning methods or you would like to schedule online a cleaning at your home.

How to spot a scam carpet cleaner (and find one you can trust)


Job Details:

Bait-and-switch tactics are a common way for dishonest carpet cleaning services to get salespeople into homes. They charge surprise prices and fees to unexpecting customers. What this means is that when a customer finds an amazing deal on carpet cleaning in the form of a coupon or a special offer, a company representative comes for an appointment. They later reveal that the special carpet cleaning offer is invalid and the price is higher (sometimes hundreds of dollars higher) than expected. In Dallas, hundreds of business scams are reported to the Better Business Bureau every year and, in many of these, false offers and deceptive advertising are a major way to manipulate innocent customers.

The key to the bait-and-switch scam is that it gets a carpet cleaning service’s salesperson or representative in your home, where you are much less likely to refuse them and send them away after they reveal the higher price. It is hard for most Dallas homemakers to reschedule an appointment or send someone away when time has already been set aside for an important carpet cleaning service. According to the Better Business Bureau, a carpet cleaning service using bait-and-switch tactics may try to trap customers after rejecting an advertised offer by:

  • “Refusing to show or demonstrate the advertised product or service
  • “Talking negatively about the merchandise or service, its warranty, availability, services, parts, credit terms, etc.
  • “Verbally selling the merchandise or service, then before the sale is closed, ‘up selling’ that same merchandise and switching the customer to another product or service.
  • “Refusing to take orders for the advertised product or service or to deliver it within a reasonable period of time.
  • “Demonstrating or showing a defective sample of the advertised merchandise or
  • “Having a sales compensation plan designed to penalize salespersons who sell the product that was advertised.”

In 2015, over 200 scams in the Dallas-Fort Worth area were reported to the BBB. The best way to protect against these scams is to be informed. Customers should get an estimate on carpet cleaning services in advance, research and read reviews on companies they intend to hire, and check online to see if the offers are similar to promises made by other carpet cleaning companies.

The goal for any Dallas homeowner is to hire a carpet cleaning service that is trustworthy. To gain that trust, ekoserve always makes their pricing public online and offers free quote scheduling over the web. This means that there are no pricing gimmicks, just upfront honest prices. ekoserve ensures that Dallas area customers know what carpet cleaning services they are getting without being surprised by a changing price.

Don’t fall for carpet cleaning service scams in Dallas!

cleaned carpet

Job Details:

Ask anyone in Dallas what they are looking for in a carpet cleaning service. An affordable price is always at the top of their list. Thus enters coupons, which are as popular with deal-seekers as with advertisers. Coupons and special offers are a great way for carpet cleaning services to be noticed, but deceptive companies can often use them to trick customers. Discerning consumers in Dallas must be careful not to fall into traps and lose money when the advertisers offer something too good to be true. Yes, many people look to coupons and special deals for huge savings for their carpet cleaning. They may not always get what is expected.

A common tactic used by carpet cleaning services in Texas (and Dallas particular) is to advertise an unbelievably low rate, often under ten dollars per room, to attract clients and then change the offer or the rate when a representative actually arrives. This is known as a “bait and switch”. It is considered an abusive business practice.

What this means for customers in Dallas is that an offer for a discount cleaning service may change and turn out to be only for a portion of the cleaning process, or a company may claim that the offer is not valid in your type of home.

Take one example from an NBC local journalist named Jenn Stratham.  In 2012, she investigated a series of offers for carpet cleaning under ten dollars. Of four investigated carpet cleaning services, every single one refused their advertised coupons and subjected their clients to extensive raised prices and negotiations. On some of the cases, final estimates were hundreds of dollars above the expected and advertised price.

This is typical of the traditional bait-and-switch scam. Once a representative is in your home, the offer is changed or amended. The company may claim the advert did not include all the information and present a significantly higher price. Then, they will negotiate to make it appear as if a new, raised price is actually a good deal. Still, the customer ends up paying more than they budgeted and wastes time and money.

The best way to protect against these scams are to make sure dishonest companies never have the opportunity to step into your home. To do this, research is key! Customers should call carpet cleaning companies in advance to check that coupons and offers are valid and should try to get an estimate before staff arrives.

To combat these problems with dishonest carpet cleaning services, ekoserve always posts accurate price rates online to make sure customers are certain they will be protected. This means every one of ekoserve’s carpet cleaning customers in Dallas knows exactly what service they are getting and that they will never be blindsided by a deceptive offer. All ekoserve prices online are posted as-is, without surprise add-ons, or rate changes. ekoserve also provides free quote scheduling online, so Dallasites aren’t pressured into using a service they don’t want.

In the end, the only way to protect yourself is to inform yourself! If an offer seems too good to be true, it may just be. Customers should be skeptical and save time by researching prices ahead of time. The best way to get a job done is to do it right, without cutting corners, and without falling for tricks and deceptions. Happy carpet cleaning!